Visitors’ Benefits

At THE DESIGN SHOW, you can get many benefits at no cost including:

  • Save money and hours searching for design planners, architects and finishing solutions by navigate many companies exhibited in comfortable proximity and segmentation.
  • Massive gathering and variety for design planners, architects and solution providers under one roof.
  • Learn more about interior and exterior ideas by seeing them operating physically or explained in detail by qualified interior designers, architects and suppliers or manufacturers.
  • Negotiate design services and products among various organizations ready with a mindset to offer you special design concept and rates during the show.  
  • Assess current and future innovations that can improve your property or project’s processes and profitability.
  • Develop your career by increasing your knowledge of technological innovation and market dynamics.
  • Attend free design talks that keeps your development ongoing.
  • A wide range of qualities and quantities of newest design trends & technologies.